Stunt Man Err Race Car Driver?

Stanton Barrett: Stunt Man/Race Car Driver?..... has decided to try his hand at open wheel racing after spending several years in the stock car world. Barrett is currently scheduled to compete in both the Indy Lights and IndyCar series in an effort to adapt to single seater racing. Oh and I almost forgot, he plans on running 21 NASCAR Nationwide races in addition to his open wheel endeavors for 2009....

Hopefully he saves his stunt driving for Hollywood.

(photo: www.stantonbarrett.com)

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh sure, now it looks like I said something bad, when it was really just an aesthetic issue!

To repeat what I said (without the errors this time)

I didn't realize he was jumping into 3 series this season. That's quite the "ambitious" undertaking!