Star Mazda Sebring Test: Who's Testing With Who?

The Star Mazda series wrapped up a two day test at Sebring International Raceway yesterday. The objective of the test was to provide drivers and teams with a chance to test out the updates on the 2009 Star Mazda car.

Since lap-times have little meaning at this time, I've chosen not to post times....,instead I will provide you with a "Who's Testing With Who" list. For those that can't resist to know who the quickest drivers were... I did sort the drivers by their quickest lap over the two-day test.

I will also share that the best time of the weekend was a 2:00.150 lap by Adam Christodoulou.

1. Adam Christodoulou (Andersen Racing)
2. Conor Daly (Andersen Racing)
3. Joel Miller (JDC Motorsports)
4. Caio Lara (JDC Motorsports)
5. David Ostella (AIM Autosport)
6. Richard Kent (Andersen Racing)
7. Anders Krohn (Mundill Racing)
8. Jorge Goncalvez (AIM Autosport)
9. Alex Ardoin (Team GDT)
10. Kevin Toledo (Andersen Racing)
11. Kristy Kester (Team 3G)
12. Sean Burstyn (Juncos Racing)
13. Billy Goshen (Goshen Motorsports)
14. Rusty Mitchell (Mitchell Motorsports)
15. J.C. Kester (Team 3G)
16. Ryan Booth (Goshen Motorsports)
17. J.W. Roberts (Team GDT)
18. Gustavo Linares (JDC Motorsports)
19. Carlos Conde (ASF)
20. Walt Bowlin (Juncos Racing)

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