Star Mazda Sebring Test Results:Day 1

Just a quick update for everyone... Star Mazda recently held a test at Sebring; giving drivers and teams a chance to adapt to the new car for 2009. I have received the names of the top-5 drivers in day 1.

**It's important to note, that the goal of the test was to evaluate the updates to the car...not all drivers had new tires on the car during their fast lap.**

Fast Times Day 1:
1. Adam Christodoulou (Andersen Racing)- 2:00.945
2. Caio Lara (JDC Motorsports) - 2:01.644
3. Joel Miller (JDC Motorsports) - 2:01.775
4. Conor Daly (Andersen Racing) - 2:02.134
5. Jorge Goncalvez (AIM Autosport) - 2:02.340

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