Dave Rodman of NASCAR.COM wrote a nice article about NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray's return to karting. In the article, Dave (and Jamie for that matter) make sure to point out the high level of competition and talent at kart tracks around the country. Early in the article, Dave makes an interesting comparison..... (referring to Jamie's experience of getting beat by 14-year-old standout Brendan Phinny at the SKUSA Supernationals S3 shifter kart race in Las Vegas.)
"Unlike an MLB pro going back to Little League and tearing a pitcher's head off with a line drive, or even more literally breaking bones in a collision on the line of scrimmage, a young teenager can easily handle a race-winning professional driver."
It's nice to see the sport of karting get some mainstream recognition, even if it is on a NASCAR site. I think it's a classy move for Jamie to travel the country running go-kart races and an even classier move to admit defeat. It's time for people to realize that national-level kart racers are professional drivers themselves.

It's nice to see so many of today's professional race car drivers return to "the sport that started it all". Watch for even more of today's "paid race car drivers" to return to their roots this weekend in the Stars of Karting All-Stars Karting Classic.

Here is a Preview for the event from Ekartingnews.com

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