Robbie Pecorari "Driver Coach"

Indy Lights driver Robbie Pecorari has announced that he will work as a driver coach for ASR-Indy in 2009, while pursuing funding for a full time ride.

Pecorari has run 28 races in the Indy Lights series, claiming a victory at Nashville Superspeedway and finding his way to the podium twice. His best results came on ovals, which is a surprise due to his road racing background. During his two year stay, he has developed the nickname "Rotating Robbie" due to his disposition of changing teams mid-season. Obviously his rotation between teams is a reflection of his funding or lack there of. The move to ASR-Indy as a driver coach should serve him well in team relations with ASR, while allowing him to stay involved with the series. The question remains, will he come up with the funding for a few one-offs in 2009 or a full ride in 2010 as planned?

(Photo: http://www.asr-indy.com)

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