Joel Miller Tests with Andersen Racing

Star Mazda runner-up(2008) and MAZDASPEED Development driver, Joel Miller had an opportunity to sample an Indy Lights car with Andersen Racing this weekend at Sebring. Miller performed very well in the test, but admitted a jump to Indy Lights is a rather large jump. Should Joel pursue a ride in the Indy Lights series for 2009, I'm sure it's a jump he would have no problem making. The test took place on the Sebring short course, under the guidance of Michael Zimicki.


Anonymous said...

hmmm... well it might bode well for him to land an Anderson seat in Star Mazda for another season, then move up the ladder within the team.

ian said...

i wonder what it means for dempsey. if there was a seat for an under funded drive i would think he would be a shoe-in.