Gary Carlton To Test With HVM Racing

I just received an official confirmation that shifter kart stand-out Gary Carlton will be testing an HVM prepared Indy Lights car at Putnam Park. The test is scheduled to take place tomorrow.

Carlton has been incredibly impressive in karts, unfortunately... he has never shown that much interest in a car racing career. Perhaps, this experience will change his mindset. This would be an excellent signing for HVM--- should the duo decides to pursue a 2010 Indy Lights program.

His previous car experience includes:
A Ford Focus Midget test (October 2008).
A Star Mazda test (December 2008)



Husky42 said...

I'd love to see more HVM involvement. Indy Lights is a good place and the competition pretty fierce.

I'm not up on Gary Carlton but from the sounds of it, if he does not show interest that does seem concerning.

There will always be a drive to win, but those who want to progress further in Open Wheel seem to push harder then those willing to settle.

I hope he is not willing to settle.

Anonymous said...

I think the post is just implying that he takes pride in "his" profession (karting).