Wednesday Morning Reading

David Tremayne wrote an interesting piece on the current ladder system used by up-and-coming drivers looking to make their way to F1 in the latest Professional Motorsport World magazine. You can view it here: PMW March-June 2009.

In the article, Tremayne tends to focus on the possible benefits of the new Formula Two series. I will admit, the ideology behind the series looks solid--especially when you look at today's economy. That said, I think Tremayne hit the nail-on-the-head when he wrote, "as long as everybody gets exactly the same standard of preparation on their car", --referring to the future success of the program. Historically, that has been a difficult task for any "arrive and drive" series. Personally, I would really like to see this program succeed.

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Scott Hutchison said...

For years there didn't seem to be many options for young driver's to move up the formula car ladder. Now, it seems, you can't spit without hitting one. My concern now is that there no ladder series which promote different car manufacturers, engines and individual team car development. All the series now seem to be a bit boring.