Marketing firms are getting desperate! This is a good one.

I had to really focus on not laughing when I read this release; but in fairness to the company above... at least they are focusing on junior formula racing. Which is always a positive--especially if their campaign is successful enough to help field these guys.


Anonymous said...

Wow...now that's funny and sad at the same time.

But I guess it's good that they are showing interest in these drivers.... perhaps one day they will provide as many rides as Red Bull does.

YORK Group Motorsport said...

I tend to agree and felt similarly when I read the same article earlier today.

One thing that did impress me is the thoughtfulness relative to branding the drinks bottles, cooler, proximity and correlation to driver helmets, etc.

I'm curious obviously to know the effectiveness of the product...

Anyone remember Airnergy? They had quite the motorsport support program in Europe to help promote their "oxygen" product... Don't hear much about them lately...

And so it goes.