Apparently the Media Jumped the Gun....?

Which never happens...right?

Late last month, it was announced that Russian driver Daniil Move had signed with Tech 1 Racing for the 2009 World Series by Renault. The announcement was posted on several racing websites worldwide...including this one. The original story is still posted at Autosport.com. However, there seems to be a little controversy over the previous announcement as http://www.auto-sport.ru is now claiming that the 23-year-old Danill Move has officially signed with P1. (In order to read the release, depending on what language you speak, you may need to use google translater to translate the story from Russian to English.)

Basically, the auto-sport.ru story states that Tech 1 rushed the press release and no formal arrangements had been made between Move and Tech 1. Daniil had apparently been waiting for a deal with P1 instead, who he felt was the best match for his racing career. It's possible that we will see another follow-up story on this-- stating there was a "Lost In Translation" moment-- and Daniil Move is yet to sign with either team for 2009.... stay tuned.

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