Alexander Rossi: USF1 Test/Reserve Driver?

The rumors have been circulating for quite awhile about the creation of a U.S. based Formula One team, more commonly referred to as USF1. Along with the rumors of a new F1 team, come the rumors about who will drive/test for the team. Although nothing official has been released, I was able to dig-up a few items that will either put the rumors to bed or add fuel to their circulation...it's up to you to decipher.

  • If you take a look at Alexander Rossi's MySpace page: You will notice, (unless it has since been changed) that his status states:
"A. Rossi was announced as the test/reserve driver for USF1"
The status was updated at 3:52 PM on April 3rd. With the information out there for the public, I decided to dig a little deeper and managed to come across a few more links, stating the same thing (see links below).

Team Juicy Racing's Skippy Forums


With the information above, I decided to contact Alexander Rossi himself to see if I could get any further details. He stated that first and foremost his focus for 2009 is Formula Master, but admitted there is truth to the USF1 deal (featuring him as a test/reserve driver) down the road. Apparently, they are working on putting together an official release for the general public. He wasn't able to provide any more information. Until we see an official release, this will all have to be labeled hearsay, but the evidence looks promising.

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Anonymous said...

Graham Rahal and Jonathan Summerton will drive and Rossi will test.