Mohammed Fairuz Fauzy Re-Signs with Fortec

Mohammed Fairuz Fauzy has announced that he will return to the World Series by Renault for his third season. He will be re-signing with Fortec Motorsport, partnering Sten Pentus under the team tent.

The 26-year-old Malaysian driver is currently competing in the A1GP series where he has one win and two podiums.

Fauzy has a ton of experience and should be able to put together some positive results for Fortec in 2009. His career results have been about as stable as the current market,... with finishes up and down the results page,... but he is currently doing quite well in A1 and this should bolster his confidence in his 2009 World Series by Renault program.
(photo: http://www.fairuzfauzy.com)

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