More on Markus Niemela and Brooks Associates Racing

There have been a few developments on this situation, since the original press release by prracewire.

Both parties in dispute have released a statement.

You can read Markus Niemela's statement here.
You can read Brooks Associates statement here.

The original story is available here.

My take, this is a truly unfortunate situation that likely should have been handled "behind the scenes". It's disappointing to see a talented driver and team throw away a relationship that produced a championship.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Markus, but I don't think it looks good for you. According to your statement, the 250k was prize money, therefore I guess you should get half, but with the Champ Car ride money gone, the full pot is not yours. Still, why hasn't Markus been paid? This is a disappointing event.

Anonymous said...

Sadly it's becoming common practice to fight your battles in the court of public opinion instead of a court of law. Nobody wins in these situations.