Sergio Pena and Juan Carlos Sistos Test for USRT

US RaceTronics is continuing to test drivers for their 2009 season. Juan Camilo Acosta tested with the team last week. This week the wheel was turned over to two more youngster's: Sergio Pena and Juan Carlos Sistos.

Sixteen year old Sergio Pena has quite an extensive karting background and has developed his name quite well in the karting ranks. Last season he ran the Formula TR Pro Series 1600 and claimed 10 wins, 5 poles and 17 podiums driving for JP Motorsports. Despite those impressive numbers, Pena finished 2nd in the overall championship. I'm assuming the test with US RaceTronics was set-up as a development test as a run in the 2009 Atlantic Championship would be a huge jump for Pena.

Here is what Pena had to say about the test:
"The test was great. I learned quite a bit and was just amazed at the power and braking of the car. With each lap I gained more respect for the car and was really impressed with the car. It was great working with Shane and the whole US RaceTronics team."
Juan Carlos Sistos, pictured above, has really been focusing on seat-time in cars since 2006. The sixteen year old Miami resident has been racing in the Skip Barber series, the Formula Renault 2.0 PanAm series, and the LATAM Challenge series. Juan hasn't had a ton of success, but has shown his speed by claiming a podium spot in both the Skip Barber Regional series and the LATAM Challenge Series. Sistos completed a two day test with US RaceTronics, logging over 375 miles in the car.
Sistos had this to say about the test:
"The test exceeded my goals. I was really happy with the 2 day test and really learned a lot from the US RaceTronics team. I was very impressed with the sheer power of the car and how great the braking and turning are. It was an experience I will remember."
Both drivers will continue to pursue funding for 2009. Neither driver has admitted intentions of running in the Atlantic Championship for 2009. It would be a safe assumption that without a tremendous amount of testing neither driver would be ready for 2009. Then again, US RaceTronics is probably used to working with drivers moving up the ladder too quickly (Frankie Muniz). Both are capable drivers and an Atlantic Championship ride down the road isn't out of reach.

(photo: US RaceTronics)

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