Andrew Prendeville Tests with HVM

Keith Wiggins (HVM Racing Owner) and Michael Crawford (HVM Indy Lights Team Manager) fielded their new Indy Lights car for the first time today at Putnam Park. The duo announced their plans to field an Indy Lights car for the 2009 season earlier this month. The team met at Putnam Park near Indianapolis to give the car a rundown, following the guidelines set forth by Indy Lights engineer Tim Whiting.

Andrew Prendeville was selected by the team as a test driver. The almost 27 year old (October 5th), spent the majority of 2008 driving an Indy Lights car prior to making a surprise announcement. One would assume that Andrew simply ran out of money and is now working on putting together a program for 2009. Perhaps we will see Andrew back in 2009, driving in a black and green Indy Lights car.

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