Live Blog: 2008 Rock Island Grand Prix (Sunday Edition)

9:00 am ~Good morning from Rock Island, the King of the Streets just completed their morning warm-up, with the ICC drivers set for a 9:18 am session. It's another beautiful day in Illinois, the competitors could not have asked for a better weekend. Last evening I decided to hit up the Blue Cat Pub for dinner and to try some local Rock Island brews. The Travoltas were in town this year as usual, so I made my way there last night to enjoy some live music. The district was full once again with competitors and race fans alike.

The King of the Streets race event is scheduled for a 12:30 pm green flag, while ICC drivers will take their green flag at 2:15 local time. The RIGP is typically very good about maintaining their scheduled times, but you never know. Make sure to check back often for updates.

11:00am~ The driver parade is about to get underway and the fans are lining the fences. The SuperPro (KoS) introductions and autograph session will follow. The weather is absolutely perfect today...., please stay tuned for a 12:30 pm start for the drivers battling for the RIGP crown.

SWE Racing has their Indy Lights car on the grid for display.

12:25 Engines are fired up. The streets are cleared. The drivers are set for their introductions and warm up laps.

Terry Riggins has just announced for drivers to start their engines.... warm up laps have begun.

The field is being set for their standing start..... GREEN GREEN GREEN

Speed and Wiegand through turn one....all drivers make it through clean.

Speed leads with Wiegand in tow.....right on his bumper.
The field is beginning to spread out...lap 3
Lap 4- Cole Mathewson and Crockett battling for fourth
Lap 5- Speed beginning to develop a slight gap, Crockett staying with Wiegand.
Top 4 are running nose to tail.
Kurt Mathewson has pulled off with a rib injury.
Jason Lee fifth
Wiegand is closing on Speed.
Crockett beginning to fall back slightly.
2/10's seperate Alex and Kyle.
Patrick Malacarne starting to close in ....Jason Lee.
Nick Johnson making the move through the field up to fifth.
Wiegand is right on Speed's bumper being patient
Crockett and Mathewson are in a heated battle for third.
Lap 12- Alex Speed and Kyle Wiegand in a heated battle pulling away
Mathewson remains on Crockett's bumper
Nick Johnson closing on the duo, still in fifth.
Nearing the halfway mark.....
Speed looks over his shoulder with Wiegand right on his bumper
Crockett beginning to pull away from Mathewson who runs fourth.
10 laps to go
Speed developed a bit of a gap on Wiegand that lap.
Wiegand is gone....
Speed is running away with it.... something happened to wiegand.
Nick Johnson continues to close on Crockett and Mathewson
I haven't received what happend on Wiegand....mechanical trouble
7 laps to go....
Wiegand broke his water pump and threw the chain.
Crockett in 2nd... running strong.
Alex Speed is closing on Jonathan Koorsen and Alex Conlin (lap cars)
10 second advantage for Speed....Crockett running close lap times.
Mathewson third
Nick Johnson fourth
Jason Lee fifth
one lap remaining...
Alex Speed is the 2008 King of the Street!
His brother Scott won the race in 2002
Alex Speed is doing his victory lap.....flawless performance.

Alex Speed, Derek Crockett, Cole Mathewson, Nick Johnson....
full results to follow.

Check back later for live updates of the ICC race, Wiegand should be back on track.

2:15 ICC Race

The 125cc Moto class just finished up a Wild race with Rob Pretts taking the victory on the final lap. Pretts has done some tuning/mechanic work for F2000 driver Chris Miller. A nice run by the AMA bike racer. The ICC field is on the pre-grid as they prepare for their race.

Alex Speed will start second to Kyle Wiegand. Speed just won the KoS race, so he will have his eyes set on a top finish to solidify his chances at a Indy Lights test with SWE Racing.

The warm up laps have begun and the field is setting up. A number of drivers going back to back after running the 125cc moto class.

The field is set... GREEN, GREEN, GREEN.....

Speed leads through turn one.....

Derek Crockett takes second from Wiegand...

Wiegand takes second back from Crockett

Lap 4 order remains the same....Collin Lynn in fourth.

Scott Barnes in fifth...order un changed

Alex Conlin in sixth, Nick Johnson in 7th

Speed continues to lead....

The top four are spread out evenly but pulling away from the field.....

Wiegand beginning to improve...

Nick Johnson is out...

Kyle Wiegand has taken the lead.

Wiegand is beginning to pull away from Speed.

Caution in turn one....

Lynn is third, Barnes is in fourth.

Crockett is out....Betts into fifth.

Wiegand continues to lead, Alex Speed is closing in.

Jonathan Koorsen into sixth.

Alex Speed running 3/10's quicker, on Wiegand's bumper.

Justin de Sa lost a chain...out.

Wiegand putting in a solid lap...building a small gap.

Kevin Broderick just went a lap down.

The group is spreading out...Wiegand is pulling a bit of a gap on Alex.

Collin Lynn remains in third, Scott Barnes fourth, Zach Betts fifth.

Wiegand is pushing the limit .....touches hay bales.

White Flag....

Speed closing on Wiegand....

Kyle Wiegand wins with Alex Speed right on his bumper.

Stay tuned for full results: Kyle Wiegand, Alex Speed, Collin Lynn, Scott Barnes, Zach Betts (top five).

Thanks for joining us at the Rock this year! Full Results and a weekend wrap up to follow.

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