Live Blog: 2008 Rock Island Grand Prix (Saturday Edition)

8:25am ~ Good morning from the Rock.
The King of the Streets competitors are on the grid as we speak warming up their engines. The smell of premix is beginning to fill the air. This is one of the best moments of the weekend, that first session on track...where all you see is a cloud of blue smoke as the field takes off down the front straight. And then as the drivers come around turn six sliding on the slippery street surface completing the first laps of the year....

Alex Speed is first out. The one minute warning has just sound.....

There are 11 karts taking to the track.....
Very few drivers are using transponders at this point (maybe 4), so the lap times aren't available. Based on perception both Alex Speed and Kyle Wiegand appear to be quite quick as they are moving through the field with ease. The fastest times at this point are already right around the 33.0 mark. Watch for the lap times to drop dramatically as the rubber begins to build. KoS and ICC have one practice session remaining prior to qualifying. I will try to get complete lap times online if drivers decide to use transponders....

10:30 am~ The KoS drivers just completed their second session. Both Alex Speed and Kyle Wiegand remain the drivers to beat, I haven't been able to get the full lap-time results yet, but based on my stop watch, both were running consistent 32.7 second laps. The ICC drivers are next out...

11:00am- ICC drivers are on track now for their final practice session.

Stopwatch shows: Wiegand 32.82, Speed 32.90, Wiegand 32.80.... stay tuned for updated (accurate) results.

Qualifying to follow....

King of the Streets Qualifying 1:00 PM

The karts are on the track...

Nick Johnson leads the field around... 12 drivers on track.

34.244 Wiegand

32.967 Wiegand

Nick Johnson out with a broken chain.

Alex Speed 32.175

Derek Crockett in third... 32.960

Speed still holding the top spot.

4/10's of a second seperating Kyle and Alex.

Cole Mathewson into fourth.

Jason Lee up to sixth.

Patrick M. up to seventh.

Wiegand and Speed into the pits, to save tires.

Alex Conlin and Koorsen remain on track

Speed only turned three laps. All drivers have pulled off track with five minutes remaining.

Alex Speed takes pole position with a 32.175 for the King of the Streets.

Unofficial Qualifying Results

Alex Speed: 32.175

Kyle Wiegand 32.568

Derek Crockett 32.960

Cole Mathewson 33.018

Kurt Mathewson 33.136

Jason Lee 33.137

Patrick Malacarne 33.175

Jonathan Koorsen 33.3

Nick Johnson 33.388

Justin de Sa 33.344

Alex Conlin 33.348

Scott Barnes 33.597

ICC Qualifying: 2:30 PM

The 125cc moto class is just finishing up and the ICC drivers are next on track for their qualifying session.

Kyle Wiegand will be trying to beat his track record from last year 32.176.

Collin Lynn holds the top spot.

Alex Speed on track... just in front of Kyle Wiegand.

32.839 Kyle Wiegand holds top spot

33.514 for Alex Conlin taking the third quickest time.

33.880 for Alex Speed caught in traffic. 32.974 moves into second after clearing traffic.

Speed...takes it ...32.711, Wiegand takes it back...

Two drivers into the 32 second mark, Collin Lynn maintains third.

Barnes into fourth.

Crockett moves into fifth, getting quicker: 33.337

32.540....Wiegand pulls off track, Speed has followed him in, looking to save tires.

Alex Conlin 33.262

Crockett takes fourth 33.080 just behind Lynn.

Two minutes remaining in the session. Most of the drivers are pulling off.

Justin de Sa stays out in ninth. Zach Betts in 7th 33.5.

Kyle Wiegand 32.504

Alex Speed 32.718

Collin Lynn 33.014

Derek Crockett 33.083

Alex Conlin

Scott Barnes

Zach Betts

Cole Mathewson

Justin de Sa

Jonathan Koorsen

Saturday Qualifying

Full Qualifying Results: Classes 1-7

Full Qualifying Results: Classes 8-14

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