Giedo Van der Garde Sues Force India

World Series by Renault Championship leader and former F1 test driver; Giedo Van der Garde is suing Formula One Team: Force India, due to a lack of promised testing. The claim, for two million dollars, was initially made in Holland but will now move to England where the Force India team is located. This situation is a bit of a double edged sword for the 24 year old driver. Giedo claims to have F1 aspirations on his website, but you wouldn't know it with all the media surrounding this claim. The whole ordeal obviously isn't making a good impression for any future F1 team relations. It seems to me that the situation could have been handled much better with an "out of court" settlement behind closed doors. In turn leaving more doors open for future ventures. With that said, if he was entitled to a certain number of test miles with Force India, then he should be given that amount.

As with any lawsuit, I'm sure there is a lot of unreleased information that we will never fully know, exposing the highly political world of Formula One and those involved with the sport. Giedo doesn't seem to be affected by the enormity of the situation; he has won 4 out of 10 races thus far in the World Series by Renault Championship. Assuming the Dutchman continues his winning ways, it will be interesting to see which direction he proceeds in 2009.

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