Ironman 150: New Castle Motorsports Park

Several junior formula drivers and top karters took place in the Ironman 150 over the weekend at New Castle Motorsports Park. This event is a true test of driver fitness, as karting is one of the most physical forms of racing. With that said, fitness means nothing if your engine and chassis fail to complete all 150 miles of the event. The race was 140 laps, only three drivers managed to finish on the lead lap. Several drivers were fast but failed to finish the race due to mechanical failures.

Top 10 at the flag:

1. Travis Firing
2. Tony Loniewski
3. Chris Larson
4. Timmy Megenbier (- 1 lap)
5. Jimmy Simpson (-1 lap)
6. Mark Dismore Sr (-1 lap)
7. Mark Dismore Jr (-3 laps)
8. Conor Daly (-4 laps)
9. B.J. Anderson (- 6 laps)
10. C.J. Lintner (- 6 laps)

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