Christina Orr Tests Indy Lights Car

We may just see a fifth Kiwi entry in the Indy Lights series as Christina Orr recently completed a test at Putnam Park. Should Orr join the series, she will be running alongside fellow Kiwi's Wade and Mitchell Cunningham, Marc Williams and series newcomer Jonny Reid. According to Scott Dixon's father, Ron Dixon, the test went very well.

This seems to be a rather large leap for Christina, so it will be interesting to see how many tests she completes before joining the field. The time frame is largely dependent on how quickly she can adapt to the horsepower of the Indy Lights car. The 21 year old driver jumped into a Formula First car at the mere age of 12 (after six years of karting), so she has plenty of car experience.


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I have not been able to locate a website for her: Here's the next best thing.... http://www.driverdb.com/drivers/942/career/

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For further reading on Orr: