"Beaming" Youngster's

This weekend will have many in the karting world gathering in Salt Lake City for the opener of the Western Division Stars of Karting series. Of those gathering, 10 youngsters will get to take part in a dream ride: A Formula BMW FB02 race car. The drivers chosen to take part in the promotional test are: Neil Alberico, CJ Cronis, Brody Goble, Michael Hogg, Miles Maroney, Spencer Pigot, Scott Rossi, Stefan Rzadzinski, Joey Wimsett, and David Zippie. Most of these guys are running JICA or TAG with only two running in the gearbox class (ICC). The events will take place at Miller Motorsports Park and will feature classroom instruction as well as the on track experience for the drivers.

Earlier this year, in FBMW news: Mikael Grenier, Alexander Ruiz, Juan Arenas, and Ricardo Favoetto all won scholarships to compete this season. The drivers were selected after the annual scholarship shoot-out in Spain. They will each have the opportunity to apply the $80,000 scholarship towards their 2008 campaign.

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