Weekend Hard Chargers

This was a busy weekend in the junior formula world with several series competing across the globe. The majority of you have probably already heard who won the race, but you may not have heard who put in a good drive during the event. I've compiled a list of the "hard chargers" via an Excel spreadsheet from the various series that I cover here at Junior Open Wheel Talent.

The weekend "hard chargers" are as follows:
(I've linked to the drivers website when possible)

Formula BMW-Americas/Road America
Round 10- Olivier Lombard (5 positions---12th to 7th)
Round 11- Joao Victor Horto (5 positions---7th to 2nd)
Round 12- Wilson Philippe (4 positions---10th to 6th)

F2000 Championship/Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
Race 1: Keith McCrone (Masters Division) (9 positions---26th to 17th)
Race 1: Al Guibord Jr. (4 positions---17th to 13th)
Race 2: Alejandro Munoz (6 positions---23rd to 17th)

Star Mazda/Trois-Rivieres
Round 10- Mikael Grenier (15 positions---19th to 4th)

F3 Euro Series/Nurburgring
Round 11- Johnny Cecotto Jr. (7 positions---23rd to 16th)
Round 12- Cesar Ramos (11 positions---24th to 13th)

Atlantic Championship/Trois-Rivieres
Round 9- Eric Jensen (3 positions---11th to 8th)
Lead Lap Hard Charger: Tonis Kasemets (2 positions---6th to 4th)

The drive of the weekend goes to Canadian Mikael Grenier for improving the most positions (15 spots) on a tough street course (Trois-Rivieres).

To look at past hard charger nominations; click here > >.


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