Markus Niemela Out, Jonathan Summerton In

Jonathan Summerton has had a busy summer driving in both the Indy Lights series and the Atlantic Championship. Both drives were on a race-by-race basis as the 21-year-old Florida resident struggled to find the necessary funding. It was announced today that he will be able to put all his focus on the Atlantic Championship for the remainder of 2009.

After a few weeks of rumors regarding the departure of Markus Niemela from Newman-Wachs Racing.... it was announced today that Niemela is out with Jonathan Summerton taking over the duties for the remainder of 2009. Summerton will partner fellow American John Edwards under the team tent.

Summerton spent the first part of the 2009 Atlantic Championship with Genoa Racing. With Summerton's departure from Genoa, the team will have an open seat heading into the Lime Rock Park race. I was planning on starting a rumor about who will fill the seat, but decided against it, stay tuned for future announcements.

As far as Markus Niemela's situation goes, I'm still waiting on some information from a few inside sources. I will post an update, when the information becomes available.

**update** According to inside sources, Markus Niemela's departure from NWR is funding related... as speculated. He will join Jensen Motorsport for the remainder of the 2009 season.



Kohl said...

Thats too bad. I was hoping Jonathan would stick with Indy Lights. He has the talent to be the next big American driver. Instead he goes to a feeder series that feeds nothing.

Anonymous said...

That seems pretty harsh. It feeds to whatever series recognizes that Atlantics still have some of the most competitive racing on this side of the pond. I would think past champions of the series would disagree with you. Markus got to drive again even if it was partial season. look at most Lights drivers, the last true success story was kanaan right? No need to bash on the state of the top tier of open wheel in america. That is what really drives the lights success at the moment where as hopefully summertons aspirations for F1 reap rewards, because he really is that good. Or we shall find out.

Rahal, Matos, Pagenaud, Perrera, Strous, Hinchcliffe, Hildebrand, Mansell brothers.

Seems as though they furthered their careers... And that is in the last 2 years...