Formula BMW- Americas Dropped for 2010

After the announcement was made that BMW will withdraw from Formula One, I posted a poll on Junior Open Wheel Talent which asked readers "Will Formula BMW be affected by the withdrawal of BMW from Formula One?". Well, today we received our answer. Formula BMW- Americas will cease to exist during the 2010 season.

BMW Motorsport will continue with Formula BMW-Pacific and Formula BMW-Europe due to their relatively large grid size. They will also honor their previous Formula One test commitments to Alexander Rossi and Esteban Gutierrez. I would have had a much bigger column to write had they not.

While I think it's great to see them continue the Formula BMW program, without abandoning it all together as many thought they would, it's disappointing to see them drop the North American program. That said, I don't think anyone is surprised. Formula BMW- Americas has been hurting for the past few years and the state of the economy is only making things worse. I hope BMW Motorsport takes time to evaluate the reason they had such a huge drop off in numbers, fixes their mistakes, and then reinstates the series in North America. Will it happen? Probably not.



Anonymous said...

I think the BMW Americas series is a mickey-mouse event. Im surprised it ran in 2009. Shame for the drivers who had to participate for no real cause.

NaBUru38 said...

Well, I've read that the Formula Ford 2000 was better that Formula BMW not only for being cheape, but because drivers are forced to learn mechanics as well, and they need that knowledge in top-level motorsport.