Richard Kent Out for VIR

Richard Kent who currently sits in second place in the Star Mazda standings after Round 1, will not compete this weekend at Virginia International Raceway after breaking his fibula. Apparently, he tripped crossing the street--according to the Andersen Racing press release-- he will return to the drivers seat for Round 3 at Miller Motorsports Park. This is truly unfortunate for Richard, but I guess accidents do happen (even if they involve tripping over a curb). In the meantime, we wish Richard the best and hope to see him back in the car very soon.

This unfortunate story reminds me of an NHL report last year, when the St. Louis Blues No. 1 pick (2006) Erik Johnson, ended his season by stepping off a golf cart. It leaves the rest of us sitting here saying.... Did this just happen?

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Anonymous said...

What?! does the kid have brittle bones or something? Was he carrying something large and heavy? That's insane. Poor kid.