Mathiasen Motorsports Withdraws Entry

It appears the world economy is beginning to affect the racing industry more and more everyday. Earlier today, it was announced that Mathiasen Motorsports has withdrawn from the Atlantic Championship for the remainder of the season due to economic woes. This is truly unfortunate news and I hope to see them back in the near future.

I'm sure the opening round incident between Jonathan Bomarito and Markus Niemela had a major impact on the team's decision to withdraw for the season.

In case you missed it, further reading on how the world economy is affecting racing.


The SpeedGeek said...

Gulp. Losing a team like that, and losing a driver like Jon Bom from the series is never good news...

JOWT said...

It sounds like Jonathan Bomarito will find a ride in the Indy Lights series for 2009.