F2000 Championship---VIR Update

The Junior Open Wheel Talent Poll to see who will win the opening F2000 race is now closed as the F2000 Championship drivers just completed their qualifying session for Race 1.

You will find the qualifying results for Race 1-- here.

Four out of the six drivers in the poll managed to qualify within the top-ten, which is pretty impressive considering the size of the field (28 cars). Today's race should be very exciting. Chris Miller received the most votes with 36% of the total vote. Remy Audette and Fabio Orsolon received 10% of the vote. Matthew Inge, Caitlin Johnston, and Victor Carbone all received one vote, putting them in the poll tied for 5% of the vote. The rest of you picked another driver (labeled other) to win the race---26% of you, to be exact. The correct answer?...remains to be seen.

With overcast skies and a chance of rain in Virginia... the race is far from over. Stay tuned for results from today's opening race.

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