Filip Salaquarda Attacked

Normally, I wouldn't be covering the Formula Master series, but this news bit seemed worthy of mention. Apparently, 25-year-old Formula Master driver, Filip Salaquarda was savagely beaten over the head with a club at the Valencia circuit last weekend for pulling his hand brake (e-brake) to spin his street car around while driving around the Spanish paddock. Erik Janis was also along for the ride...

A couple thoughts on this....
  • One would assume that Filip is old enough (@25yrs) to know that he shouldn't be performing driving stunts outside of his race car. Also,... there was probably a little more going on behind the scenes than this story entails...(between the drivers and the security).
  • Secondly and perhaps most importantly, ...the Valencia security detail should probably begin Yoga training and possibly consider mandatory steroid testing.... Just a thought.
On a more serious note, this is an unfortunate situation that very easily could have been handled differently or avoided all together.

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Anonymous said...

While I don't know the specifics of what happened, being as wasn't there, I have seen first hand that the security staff at the Valencia get riled real easy and can go over the top. A shame as its a nice track.