Bomarito Re-Signs with Mathiasen Motorsports

American stand-out Jonathan Bomarito has re-signed with Mathiasen Motorsports for the 2009 Atlantic Championship.

Jonathan Bomarito enters the 2009 Atlantic Championship season as an early favorite, ...the 27-year-old entered the 2008 season finale with an eight point lead over 2nd place, after 10 laps, he retired from the final race due to a mechanical failure. This wasn't the first time Bomarito had retired from a race due to a mechanical issue in 2008,... in fact it wasn't the second time either. The Monterey, California resident proved to be one of the fastest drivers last year,... with the worst luck. He finished inside the top-5 in 75% of the races he completed last year. Despite the bad luck, he ended the season 2nd in the overall title hunt with 3 wins, 4 podiums, and 3 pole positions.

If Mathiasen and Bomarito can get rid of their gremlins in 2009,... watch out! I have a feeling that both the driver and team have some unfinished business in the series.
(photo courtesy of: Candace Elliott/Edmonton Journal)

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