Formula BMW Americas- PBIR Test

The Formula BMW Americas just completed their first official test of the 2009 season at Palm Beach International Raceway. There were 11 drivers participating in the two-day test. The following is a list of the combined results...

1. Gabby Chaves 1:16.232 Eurointernational
2. Gianmarco Raimondo 1:16.528 Autotecnica
3. Michael Lewis 1:16.621 Eurointernational
4. Giancarlo Vilarinho 1:16.737 Eurointernational
5. Daniel Vela 1:16.878 Eurointernational
6. Joao Victor Horto 1:17.226 Team Apex
7. James Kovacic 1:17.380 OS Racing
8. Alex Ellis 1:17.575 OS Racing
9. Martin Sala 1:17.990 Team Apex
10. Freddy Zebede 1:18.065 Jensen Motorsport
11. Barrett Mertins 1:19.875 Jensen Motorsport

A couple notes regarding the test...
  • 54.5% of the drivers involved,... completed their best time in the final session.
  • Eurointernational, once again, has a very strong program.
  • James Kovacic was the most improved driver (based on lap time).
  • Michael Lewis- average finish in the time charts: 1.75
  • Gabby Chaves- average finish in the time charts: 2

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