SKUSA SuperNationals XII

I'm not sure if SKUSA is under contract with Ekartingnews; but for whatever reason they refused to provide me with an entry list until it was released on EKN's website. I had originally planned on doing a rather large preview with some picks for the weekend but as you will soon see, making any kind of picks for this weekend's event is nearly impossible. This years event/entry list for the SuperPro and TAG class is quite possibly the most talented field ever assembled for a karting event, ...without question it's one the most anticipated races of the year for anyone who follows karting and junior formula drivers.

With their "lone knowledge" of the entry list, here is a nice preview of this weekend's SuperPro and TAG divisions written by the staff at Ekartingnews.com. Make sure to look at all the names on the entry list, no matter which professional racing series you follow, you will most likely recognize several names from various sanctioning bodies.

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