Andersen Racing to Enter Karting Ranks

In an effort to further develop their open wheel program, Andersen Racing is in the process of putting together a professional karting team for 2009. The team will field up to 8 drivers, beginning this winter at Daytona Kart Week (December 27-30). The team will eventually contest the highly competitive Stars of Karting series. Anderson Racing co-owner Dan Andersen had this to say about his new venture:
"With our already established open-wheel ladder in place, I am very pleased to add this team and complete our connection to the karting ranks, where so many open-wheel racers begin and gain such valuable seat time and racing experience. With our own excellent track in Florida and the resources of our pro teams available on site, it is a natural for us to take this step. We expect to field competitive karts with talented, career-minded drivers."
To be honest, I'm surprised Andersen Racing didn't take this step years ago. The team has done such a nice job of setting up their own ladder system in the junior formula ranks, it only makes sense for them to start at the grassroots level. Most of today's top kart racers are some of the most talented drivers out there, they just lack the necessary funding and/or opportunity to make that next step a reality. With Andersen Racing fielding "career-minded" drivers, it will bring more exposure to the karting ranks, hopefully aiding these pilots in their efforts to climb the ladder.

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