Alan Rudolph Victorious at Road America

Alan Rudolph was back in fine form driving a Superkart at the 2008 Road America Super-Nationals. Rudolph set the fastest lap of the weekend; 2:14.437 and averaged an astonishing 107.113 mph enroute to the victory. It's great to see Rudolph, a JOWT Top Prospect, back in the seat. I would assume we will also see him back in Rock Island this year; defending his King of the Streets title at the RIGP.

For more reading about Superkarts, including Alan Rudolph's comparison between a Superkart and a ALMS LMP car, click here. Preston Lerner has put together a very nice article about Superkarts and their drivers. On several occasions he refers to the lack of respect that kart racers in general receive in comparison to so called "race car drivers". This is a very true theme, one that I would like to see change.

Take a lap at Laguna Seca in a 250cc Superkart.

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