Mazda Race of Americas: New Castle Motorsports Park

The biggest North American karting event thus far in 2008 will take place over the weekend at New Castle Motorsports Park in New Castle, Indiana. Drivers from the East and West will converge in Indiana for this Stars of Karting event. Ekartingnews will be providing live trackside coverage over the weekend and has done a great job with the Preview for the weekend.

According to early reports from ekartingnews, the paddock was highly damaged due to storms passing over night. The New Castle area was hit very hard with high winds and rain, tornado warnings were frequent throughout the night. I've heard mixed reports that several team's tents and equipment were complete losses. The schedule is running about two to three hours behind as Stars of Karting officials gave everyone time to regroup this morning. Stay tuned for updates.

For anyone interested in watching the event unfold, NorcalKarters.com has added a video crew to the event an will be providing a feed with commentary from Rob Howden.

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